Mortgage Calculator

How to make Mortgage Calculator in Excel?

How to calculate the rate of loan?

How to make a simple schedule of mortgage paymants or loan?

How to make Mortgage Calculator in Excel?

What is a mortgage (loan) calculator?

Mortgage Calculator is a simple appliaction whose purpose is the calculation of martgage payments (mortgage, car, etc.), with the assumed size of the loan, the loan interest rate level, frequency capitalization period for which the loan was taken out, the amount of commission and the type of loan installments..

Calculator also calculates the amount of interest on the capital paid by the borrower, the loan installments.

Principle mortgage calculator

Mortgage Calculator is designed to calculate the amount of the loan installments on specific credit terms for all types of loans (eg, mortgages). It also gives information which part of the repaid amount will be credit interest. This allows you to, inter alia, to compare the actual cost of different loan quotes and choose the best among them.

How to make yourself a simple mortgae calculator (loan) in Excel?

The office - Excel - has adapted many ready-made formulas and mathematical finance.

One of them is a formula that allows to calculate the amount of the installment loan or advance on the basis of interest rate, loan amount and number of installments - this is the formula PMT (rate, nper, wa, [wp], [type]).

To create a repayment schedule took advantage of a very similar function PPMT (rate, period, nper, wa, [wp], [type]).

To perform automatic conversion of loan installments schedule used the macro recorder so that I signed macro conversion of installments and the simple modifications have used to calculate the effect the subsequent automatic payments (regardless of quantity). Is assigned a macro to the button "Calculate Installments".

Check out my blog where you will learn how to record a macro, and how to assign them to a button. Also check out many other great tips excel.

In Excel, it is very simple - read the detailed description and download a simple calculator on my part. You can easily expand it and extend its capabilities by using functions and formulas Excela.Kalkulator credit is available for both Microsoft Excel 2003 (. Xls file) and a version for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 365 (the. Xlsm).

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